How to Choose The Best Headphone for your Kid

You want to give your child a headphone? A headphone for kids is not just about colors. Of course at this age, they are attracted to fashion and color. They almost like anything that looks like their parents’ devices. It will be up to you to give them a taste of good sound and to protect their ears at the same time . Noise cancelling headphones for kids is not a toy hence the importance of choosing well!

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8 Tips to Protect your Children’s Ears

  • Set the maximum volume to 60% on the player
    This simple little manipulation makes it possible to limit the sound to a safe level. 60% is 85 decibels. It is possible to listen up to 8 hours continuously! A phone or a walkman has a maximum volume of 100 decibels. At this level, your child damages his/her ears within 5 minutes of listening! On an iPod or iPhone you will find this option in Settings/Music/Maximum Volume.
  • Choose a Headset
    Yes, a headset and not headphones or earphones.
  • Select Headphones with a Balanced Sound.
    Researchers have shown that when the sound is not good, we tend to increase the volume of music. Good quality sound makes listening less loud. That’s why look is not everything.
  • Invest in Active Noise Reduction Headphones
    If your child uses his headset regularly on public transport or when traveling by car, it may be worth buying a headset with active noise reduction. Active noise reduction reduces surrounding noise such as car or car bearings. So he can put his music less strong. He can still hear the sounds that indicates danger.
  • Choose a rugged headset.
    Of course children are careful, but foldable or articulated headphones are to be avoided. Neck-chin headphones are more resistant and hold securely in place. Even on small heads
  • Check that the headphones is adjustable for headsets with hoops.
  • Lightweight Headphones are always better.
    If for an adult a headset of 200 gram is heavy, imagine for small heads
  • Do not spend too much.
    This devices have a limited lifespan especially when trusted in the hands of kids. Do no break the bank to buy one now, you might be buying a replacement pretty soon.

Children have very good hearing in general. They will soon realize the difference. Remember how they quickly preferred your cell phone to the big colorful keys you offered them. Similarly, they may want to quickly borrow your headphones rather than the superhero headphones or the colorful flowery headsets