What Makes a Comfortable Kids Headphone

When it comes to headphones, kids just can’t throw anything on. That is why noise cancelling headphones for kids are specifically designed to be comfortable, ear-fit and durable. If you have a kid in your life that uses headphones, the last thing you want to consider is to share yours with them because like Dan Frakes of Mac World found out; the best headphones for adults are rarely the best models for kids, especially when you’re concerned with comfort and health.

These three qualities make for the most comfortable headphones for kids. Let them guide you in shopping for the best.

  1. Style and Durability
    Ear buds and in-ear headphones aren’t always the best headphones for kids no matter how popular they are. For one, they can be quite difficult to put in and take out, which can be hazardous to your child’s hearing. Then, kids can easily crush them under their feet when they fall on the floor or when choked in-between heavy, clumsy stuffs. If you have toddlers around, you will agree with me that when shopping for headphones (or anything), you want to go for durability and stamina; two qualities that are lacking in ear buds and in-ear headphones. For this reason I usually strongly recommend the on-ear and over-ear headphones. They are easy to wear and remove and also usually more durable.
  2. Volume Levels
    Kids are as susceptible to hearing damages from loud volumes as anyone, even more because they aren’t always as careful as adults and they are less aware of the dangers says Frakes. That is why you should go for a set of custom made headphones for kids because no matter how high the volume is, kid-focused headphones limit the output volume to 85dB, the volume level recommended by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, USA.
  3. Comfort and Fit
    According to Kate Hilpern of IndyBest Tech, things to consider when buying headphones for kids are comfort level around the ear, the fit over the head and the look. Because headphones for kids are designed for small heads, they don’t slip off easily. As a matter of fact, the most fairly produced headphones for kids are preferable to the more professional, well-designed and stylish headphones aimed at adults.
    The truth is, no matter how perfect an headphone can be, things might still turn out badly if the maximum time they have it on everyday exceed two hours.