10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids [2022]

best noise cancelling headphones for kids

Kid wearing noise headphones

April 2022 Updated

If you have kids who loves music, the search for the best noise cancelling headphones for kids is crucial. Kid’s headphones are a very interesting accessory and to enjoy it, it has to be done safely.

A set of noise canceling headphones is something you should consider buying. Anyone who takes their child into an environment that is susceptible to high noise levels which can lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

These places are often overlooked daily, but have high decibel levels. These venues include schools, airports, and airplanes, as well as sporting events, concerts, shopping malls, festivals, and firework displays.

In addition to the benefit of hearing protection, children with autism, ADHD, and sensory and hearing processing problems can benefit from the noise reduction that a set of noise canceling headphones can provide. Schools are often not soundproofed and can cause problems with the learning ability of some children.

In this buying guide for kid’s headphones you will find what type of headphone you should get your children. There is a wide variety of options to pick from ranging from design, specifications and budget.

PuroQuietsNoise Cancellation ANCYes
LilGadgets Untangled ProNoise Isolation4+Yes Check Price
ProHear MuffsNoise CancellationNo
Alpine EarmuffsNoise Cancellation3+No
Puro BT2200sNoise CancellationYes
Noot K11Noise IsiolationYes
LilGadgets Connect+Noise IsolationYes Buy
JLab JBuddies
Riwbox CT-7S
LilGadgets Premium4+

Buyer’s Guide – Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Kids

Kids are making their first contact with technology at very young ages. This is not a problem especially when it is done right with technology well adapted for their age group. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about headphones for children.

Guess you have reached the conclusion to buy your kids some headphones, so they can listen to the Paw Patrol tune for the billionth time? Let’s help you make the best selection.

At a time when the increase in online classes and social communication through video calls is becoming the one way to maintain social contact for children and adults, the use of suitable headphones may even be more necessary.

At this age there is a tendency to raise the volume too much or to abuse technology, so these headphones should be adapted to specific needs.

Here we detail what to consider when choosing headphones for your children.

Volume Limitation

This is one of the first characteristics you should consider when choosing headphones for children, since the child’s hearing health in the future will depend on it.

Continuous exposure to noise above 70 Decibel(dB) throughout life can cause hearing loss. Except for a freak accident, this hearing loss is caused by the “accumulation” of hours of extreme noise over time.

However, the use of headphones from an early age can accelerate this “accumulation” in ear wear, causing the appearance of premature hearing loss before reaching old age.

For this reason, one of the essential requirements for children’s headphones will be to have a system that limits the volume that they can reproduce up to a maximum of 60% of the total volume of the player, which in turn should be limited to 85 dB according to current European legislation.

This is true of most tablets and smartphones that in the market, as they request express consent to raise the volume beyond the 85% established by the regulator.

In addition, the WHO recommends the use of circumaural type headphones (which cover the entire ear) or of the over-ear type (which is placed over the ear, but without covering it completely), completely advising against the in-ear type or button, which are placed inside the ear canal.

Also, to maintain good hearing health, the use of children’s headphones should be limited to a maximum of one hour per day.

Age-Appropriate Size and Weight

Headphones for children are those designed for children under 12 years of age, so their size is usually smaller than those designed for adults.

Children over 12 years of age can use normal sized headphones, although volume levels will need to be monitored.

As with the adult versions, the children’s headphones come with an adjustable headband to adapt to the age and growth of the child. Ideally, in their position of minimum extension they already fit over the ears, so that you can widen the headband as it grows.

The weight of the device must also be carefully considered. Do not forget that you can use them for up to an hour, so the lighter they are, the more comfortable the little user will be.

It is recommended that children’s headphones do not exceed the threshold of 150 grams.

It may not seem like much, but we must not forget that at such an early age the muscles of the neck have not been exercised enough and adding more weight on the head overloads that area.

Design and Construction Materials

If the materials and quality of construction are already important for headphones for adults, imagine the level of demand that must be required of headphones that are going to fall, roll on the floor and suffer all kinds of abuse from their users.

They are usually made of different qualities of plastic, much more resistant to impacts and stains than those that use other types of materials.

In this sense, it is important to reduce the presence of moving components such as hinges for folding or pivoting systems of the headphones to a minimum, in order to better fit the ears. All these moving parts are potential breaking points for users who, most likely, are not going to be especially careful in their use.

When choosing headphones for children, it is important to consider the comfort of fit, something in which the ear cushions have a lot to say.

It is important to choose a model that has fabric pads to facilitate perspiration, and that are made of soft and spongy foam so that they better adapt to the contours of your face without excessive pressure.

Regarding the design, the general rule is to apply colorful designs and even a touch of Manga by adding small animal ears on the top of the headband to give them a more fun look.

Quality and Types of Connection

The connection system with the device is another important aspect that must be considered when choosing headphones for children.

The easiest to use are wired headphones as you just plug the headphones into the device you want to use and you’re ready to listen.

However, kids are not characterized by being still for a long time, so being connected by a cable to a computer, smartphone or tablet is not always the best idea.

This cable can be the reason for falls due to tripping over it or accidents due to the child forgetting that they are wearing headphones and moving, pulling on the cable and causing the device to which they are connected to fall. It happens to adults, why wouldn’t it happen to children who are just having fun?

On the other hand, children’s headphones can also be wireless. This is a somewhat more complex system since (as a rule) they will need the intervention of an adult when connecting them or if there is a problem with the connection of the device while you are using it.

The main advantage of this type of Bluetooth children’s headphones is that the kids will enjoy complete freedom of movement and will only be limited by Bluetooth coverage.

Betting on wireless connections also makes it easier to connect with other devices when using them for video calls or to follow online classes.

In this sense, it is also recommended that they include an integrated microphone since that way you can talk to your friends and colleagues by video call without needing more devices.

Noise Cancellation Yes, or No?

The use of noise cancellation in minors is being heavily discussed due to its technological advantages, but also due to its safety implications.

On the one hand, noise cancellation makes it possible to isolate the level of external noise that sneaks inside the headphones much better, which also reduces the need to turn up the volume to hear what is being played.

This is particularly beneficial as it reduces listening stress levels and thus the risk of future hearing damage. The lower the volume, the better.

On the other hand, the ability to cancel external sounds leaves minors without a valuable warning instrument in the event of imminent accidents, such as the noise that surrounds them.

With noise-cancelling headphones, the feeling of isolation is much greater, and they would not respond to a warning cry or sounds from their surroundings that put them on alert.

In addition, not everyone is comfortable with the feeling of isolation that these headphones cause.


I believe you will agree with me when I say:

The importance of kids uninterrupted entertainment and hearing safety cannot be over emphasized.

Getting your child a reliable noise cancelling headphones is an important investment when you place great value on your child’s hearing safety and also need them to enjoy some level on uninterrupted entertainment in crowded places. If you are a parent and a frequent flyer, sure you can relate with the importance of these devices when flying long distance on a crowed plane.

Kids noise isolating headphones are very effective putting them in the category of some of the best noise cancelling headphones available. Sometimes the need for noise cancelling headphones for kids could emanate from your child’s love for music and you decide as a parent to throw in some extra feature for a much appreciated sound quality.

10 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Kids in 2022

Below are our selection of the best noise-canceling headphones suitable for kids:

1. PuroQuiets

PuroQuiets_ANC Headphones_for_kids

ProQuiets Headphones Close-shot

Although many companies make headphones for children, Puro Sound Labs has been singled out by experts for its commitment to preserving healthy hearing.

For starters, their headphones use advanced DSP to limit the volume to 85dB. They also feature a Puro Balanced Response Curve (inspired by Audio Engineering Society research into sound quality preferences and accuracy) to ensure exceptional sound quality, eliminating the need for louder volume.

Puro Sounds Lab launched a new headphone that offers greater hearing protection, especially for children. PuroQuiets is a device that has a system that automatically attenuates the volume so that the sound never exceeds the limit of 85 decibels, a threshold known to cause hearing loss over time. It connects to controller devices via Bluetooth and has an 18-hour battery life.

PuroQuiets kids noise cancelling headphones silences the world so children can hear clearly in noisy environments without the need to turn up the volume beyond safe listening levels. These headphones make everyday noise and background sounds up to 22dB quieter, complemented by 82% noise isolation.

According to the manufacturer, volume limiter built into the headset is ideal because it gives security to parents concerned about their children who like to take volume to the extreme.

With limited volume for children’s hearing safety, a limited volume of 85dB is the maximum safe listening level, as recommended by many organizations. Intelligent digital signal processing subtly limits the volume, so listeners don’t even notice. These are the perfect lightweight headphones for kids and teens.

The product’s advantage is that it offers automatic control of the intensity of the sound played, in contrast to other headphones on the market where parents have to configure locks and limits by themselves, a task that may not be easy and affordable for everyone.

Aimed at portability and use with cell phones and similar devices, the Pure Sound Labs headset can be folded for transport. According to the manufacturer, the material of the pads and the aluminum handle ensure comfort, even in situations of prolonged use.

Long-lasting Bluetooth Headphones – One-touch Bluetooth pairing with iPhone, Android and other compatible devices allows for hassle-free listening, while the 9.14m range allows for free movement! The wireless mode eliminates all dangers of tangles in audio cables

Enjoy up to 22 hours of non-ANC playback time (16 hours with ANC) and 200 hours of standby time. The PuroQuiet can playing all day – and beyond. Quickly charge the lithium-ion battery with the included USB cable or switch to wired use with the included noise limiting cable.

The aluminum housing and plush ear tips reduce external noise by 1% at 1kHz, eliminating the need for louder music signals.

This earphone is above all dedicated by its size to children, however, an adult can also use them since the headband is adjustable. The comfort is appreciable, the materials used are pleasant to the touch. Whether they will last remain to be seen.

The sound is soft, you really feel the effect of the level limiter at 85db. No need to activate the headphones to listen to music. I also note a button to activate the Bluetooth function and connect the wireless earphone, as well as a direct volume control on the left shell.

Comes in the box, a carrying pouch, the pair of headphones, the USB / mini-USB wire for charging the headphones to activate the mode (ANC) and a stereo mini-jack wire to connect to a player / music broadcaster.



1. LilGadgets Untangled Pro – Best Noise Isolating Headphones for Kids

LilGadgets-Untangled-Pro-ChildrenAs the name implies, Lilgadget is a company dedicated to making quality audio and entertainment devices for kids. Lilgadget Untangle Pro Bluetooth headphones is their flagship headphone meant for kids aged 4+. Though the product website indicates age 4+, it has been confirmed that most kids age 2-3 years can fit into these headphones also.

A crucial design concept for the headphones was to eliminate the use of wires in other to ensure kids safety and also give them the freedom to move around while using the headphone. Lilgadget Untangle Pro Bluetooth headphones is beautiful and would catch the attention of most kids.

They have a stylish design that will be embraced well by most kids. You can select from six different colors. It has a long battery life of up to 10-hours and 180-hour standby. It comes packed with a travel pouch and a USB charging cable. It also contains a 3.5mm audio cable as a backup with a detailed manual that is easy to use. It comes with a 1-year warranty. Read here for a more comprehensive review of Lilgadgets Untangle Pro Headphones.


SharePort: The headphones have inbuilt SharePorts which eliminate the need for splitters if you need to pair 2 kids to the same audio source. Lilgadget Untangle Pro will pair with the device via Bluetooth while any other headphone can connect via the SharePort to share audio.
Passive Noise Reduction: The headphone is designed and made with materials that reduces external noise by 13decibels.
Built in Microphone: The headphone is equiped with wireless microphone while in Bluetooth mode and also an in-line microphone is supplied with the detachable 3.5mm audio cable.
Volume Limited: The maximum volume on the headphone is set to 93db. This reduces the risk of hearing loss even if you kid mistakenly takes it to high volume.
  • Available in 6 playful color variation loved by kids.
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Firm fit around the head
  • Volume limited
  • Great customer service from product manufacturers
  • Not completely collapsible
  • Slightly fragile especially when put through harsh use
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3. PROHEAR 032

The PROHEAR 032 is a everything kids love; colorful, lightweight and portable. Made for kids within the toddler and teen category, a perfect solution to noise cancellation and hearing protection anywhere. The headphones comes with vivid, flamboyant kid friendly colors. Quality materials and design ensures color will not fade with time.

PROHEAR 032 ear muffs are passive noise-canceling headphones which can reduce noise up to 25 dB(Decibels). Suitable for kids noise protection in any environment indoor or outdoor. Recommended for carnivals, concerts, stadium, air travel, Autism, studying or anywhere with loud distracting noise.

Rather than blocking any sound, these headphones are designed o reduce harmful sounds thereby meeting the ANSI S3.19-1974 and CE EN 352-1 safety protection standards.

The headphones is designed for comfort, fitted with leather and foam ear-pads it is ideal for prolonged use with minimal to no irritation to the skin. Its also lightweight and made of quality plastics weighing just 6.09oz. Headbands are adjustable to various head sizes. Ear-cups can rotate 360-degrees and snapped in or out for replacements.

A ideal travel companion with the space-saving fold-able design fitting into tight luggage’s and carry-case.

PROHEAR is focused on hearing safety, protection, optimization and have done so for over a decade. The product quality is guaranteed and you can buy with confidence. Should there be any issue reach out for their support anytime.

A common issue raised on this headphones is its inability to fit some kids especially kids with larger heads. This is to uncommon for new headphones, a little bit of stretch should fix the problem.

2. Lilgadgets Connect+ – Best Volume Limiting Headphones for Babies

Lilgadget Connect+ Premium Po

Lilgadget Connet+ is another kid’s headphone from the very reputable manufacturer of kids electronic devices. You can see their headphones takes the No.1 and 2 spot on our list.

This is a volume limited headphone designed for kids between the ages 3 to 7. Every kid is different so you might find it appropriate for a younger or slightly older kids. The volume is limited to about 93 decibels which is still pretty loud but not as loud as the average headphones out there set at about 105+ decibels.

This gadget is clean and stylish yet not loud in appearance, a very kid friendly design in multiple color options.

These are very comfortable and made with kids in mind. The headset will never achieve those scary sound limit and can be worn for long hours without any discomfort.

Customer service is very good and you can expect to be attended to professionally should you have any complain about the product.


Shareport: This is a big feature which means on either ear cup there is a 3.5mm connector so you can connect one end to your audio source or the other another set of headphone. Your kids can have multiple headphones connected together without the need for an audio splitter.
Volume Limited: Maximum volume that can be achieved with these headphone is 93 decibel way lower than what adult/standard headphones can produce.
Passive Noise Cancellation: It does not have an active device to cancel noise but made of materials that passively reduce noise reaching the ear to extremely low level.
Carry Pouch: Included in the box is a handy carrying pouch which is perfect for travel. Headphones fit perfectly into it when folded.
In-Line Microphone: On the 3.5mm braided cable is an in-line microphone. The braided cable is tangle free and very durable. Cable is detachable from the headset so if you damage or lose the cable the headphones is not condemned totally.
Warranty: The device comes with a 1 year warranty. Register with the tag supplied in the box to qualify.
  • Available in 6 playful color variations.
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Firm fit around the head
  • Volume limited
  • Great customer service from product manufacturers
  • Made of durable materials
  • Slightly fragile
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3. iClever BoostCare Wired Headphones – Most Stylish Noise Isolating Headphone

iclever boostcare

iClever BoostCare Wired Headphones are absolutely adorable. These kids headphones come in 3 different themes (Reindeer, Batman, Pig). These iClever BoostCare headphones are great gifts for kids.

The Reindeer variation is Christmas theme in red and white with a antlers attachment on the top of the headphones. The headphones are inexpensive for the quality.

The overhead hardware is extendable to suite various head sizes. They are kid safe not able to go beyond medically approved noise level of 85 decibels at maximum volume.

Comfortably fits a 2 year old to kids above 6 years. Though head size might be an individual factor here.


Rubberized Design: iClever BoostCare Wired Headphones are quite durable. Has a decent quantity of rubber put into it. Makes it possible to take some beating either by pulling or dropping the headphones.
Thin Cable: The cables are quite thin and look tangle-free. It helps when the cable is tangle-free because kids could really get messy with cables.
Beautiful Themes: If your kids are into animals, your kids will like these headphones. 3 different variations to meet any of your need or if you are a big fan maybe buy all the 3 themes.
  • Available in 3 different themes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Well padded
  • Maximum Volume Output of 85 decibels
  • Durable
  • Wired (no wireless/Bluetooth)
  • Cords are not detachable
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4. Sound Intone Foldable Headphones – Best Budget Headphones for Toddlers

Sound Intone Foldable Headphones

If you have been around the headphones market, it is quite obvious Sound Intone is not a popular brand. In a market dominated by strange brand loyalty, this put product quality and credibility above any form of loyalty. This headphones are recommended for kids age 5+ mainly due to sizing.

Sound Intone combines a number of things, great sound quality, beauty and mobility. They are suitable for both kids and adults. If you want a matching headphones with your kids, this is a solid recommendation.

Its passive noise isolation feature does a decent job at keeping external noise out. The design is foldable which makes it easy to pack and get on the go.

No doubt, sound quality is great, bass, treble or anything you throw at it, it performs above its price tag. Sadly it is not wireless/Bluetooth so you have to make do with the old styled 3.5mm plug with in line control to pause/play songs and also answer phone if used by an adult.


Flat Cable: The 3.5mm cable with inline control is designed to be flat prevent tangles while being used or stored away.
Modern Design: In a fashion forward generation where headphones are seen as fashion accessories, Sound Intone headphones has a fresh modern design loved by kids.
Sound Quality: No doubt the sound quality for this headphones is create. A bit of a surprises for a headphones at its price tag.
  • Available in 4 color variations.
  • Modern sleek design
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Wired (no wireless/Bluetooth)
  • Slightly fragile
See MOre Details


5. Kanen I39 Headphones – Best Foldable Noise Reducing Headphone

Kanen I39 Headphones

There are quite a number of good things to say about this headphone. Sound quality is awesome A+. It reminds you of the old fashion “break-the-bank” headphones with soft cushioned material covering the ears thereby isolating outside noise.

Kanen I39 with Mic is very portable (inward folding for easy packing) and lightweight making it very comfortable and appropriate for kids. You can be guaranteed to hear just every little nuance in your music.

It has an inline music control for pause/play, volume up/down, end/answer call. Does not have active noise cancellation device installed but does a good job isolation background noise except for really loud noise which can still be heard to some extent with the headphones on. Pretty decent passive noise cancellation. If you have kids who complain about regular sized headphones and comfort. These is an headphone to get them. Kids really love it!

This is also another headphones suitable for both kids and adult. The headphone is adjustable to fix just about any head/ear size. The ear pads are soft and comfortable protecting kids ear from discomfort after having it on for a long time. Though firm and fit on the head, the chances of discomfort is slim.


Comfort: This is another headphones that excels in comfort. Headband earpiece are well cushioned and soft preventing and for of discomfort. The headbands are also adjustable should you need to adjust to your preference.
Sound Quality: Kanen I39 Headphones produces and impressive sound quality. Well tuned audio and crisp clear performance.
Passive Noise Cancellation: Noise cancellation with this headphone is passsive though it does a good job at keeping noise out.
Multi-Way Adjustments: Headphone can rotate and fold in various angles. Makes it easy to adjust to your preference and also carrying around.
  • 4 color variations.
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable fit
  • Durable
  • No wireless/Bluetooth
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Average microphone
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6. Ankit Noise Isolating Headphones – Best Modern and Stylish Design Headphone

Ankit Noise Isolating Headphones

Ankit is an home and tech. gadget design company. They are the makers of Ankit headphones and earphones and a host of other products. These headphones are a must have fashion accessory. Ankit Noise Isolating Headphone delivers pleasantly clear sound with bass and other essentials.

This is an item you can confidently buy solely based on looks

For sure this is a pretty headphones that is appealing to kids especially females and even ladies in general. The headphone cups are over the ear with a cushioned material that makes wearing a comfort. Lightweight and can sit on the head of even a toddler.

If you are not so much into advanced audio requirement which I bet your kids are not then you should go for this headphones. One downside is there seem to be some level of sound leakage so when listening to a track at a very loud volume people around can hear it but like I said earlier, these headphones were designed for kids in mind so loud volume leakage is not much of a concern.

For a decent price you are getting a device that will surely deliver satisfaction and last a long time.


Durable: Ankit headphones are built to last, made using 8-line thick wire.
Noise Isolation: Silicone earcups on the headphones seal in the ear helping isolate background noise.
Premium Sound: Ankit noise isolation headphones for kids produces great bass and premium acoustic
  • 7 interesting color variations
  • Effective noise isolation
  • Very attractive colors
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good sound quality
  • No wireless/Bluetooth
  • Not suitable for adults with large heads
  • Slightly fragile
Out of Stock


7. BestGot Kids Headphones – Best Durable Headphone for Kids


One major up-sell for BestGot Kid Headphone is its durability. It stands in the category of one of the toughest headphones for kids. The design is also unique with a stylish look common among many headphones made these days.

BestGot Headphones can skip tracks, adjust volume and make use of the microphone when on a PC or other devices. Sits comfortably well on the head and ears of kid and weight should not be a problem.

The audio jack is detachable from the headphone which makes it easily replaceable when damaged. Sound quality is impressive, can also be used by adults alike. Headphones has a microphone and delivered with a waterproof bag for easy carry around especially when folded. Yes, the headphones is fold-able inwards.

It fits a broad range of age range of kids (3 years above) and can be used by adults too. It can be folded and tucked into its carrying case if you need to travel with it.


Compatibility: Compatible with most smartphones and electronic devices.
Passive Noise Cancellation: Cushioned leatherette ear-pads are effective for noise cancellation.
Hifi Sound Quality: This is an heavy Bass headphones with excellent sound effects.
Removable Cord: Cords are removable making it easy to use and replace when damaged.
  • 7 interesting color variations
  • Supplied with waterproof bags
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • No wireless/Bluetooth
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Are there Safe Headphones for Children?

The answer is yes, there are safe headphones for children, since the factories have designed devices that limit the audio emission up to 85dB, however, considering this, experts recommend not to exceed two hours a day for both children and adults, so even with maximum volume limits could cause problems in the ear.

Features to Consider to Choose the Most Convenient:

We already talked about one of the most important factors to take into account: safety, however to make a wise choice it is good to consider the following characteristics:

Audio Quality:

It is an important characteristic, just as adults have a requirement in the quality of audio, children also, apart from that they will enjoy better that surround sound offered by good quality devices.

Age Appropriateness:

When it comes to kids headphone you don’t just go for any available brand or option. This is because not all headphone have been manufactured for kids. The dangers are many and your responsibility as a parent is to ensure the safety of your child at all times.

If you decide to use an adult headphone with cords instead of a toddler friendly headphone, you just might be putting your child in danger. The importance of age appropriate headphone cannot be overemphasized.


When a device is designed to be used by a child it needs to be made of resistant materials, capable of withstanding any knocks, trips, scratches and jerks to which the cables, connectors, lugs or headband are frequently subjected.

Control the Volume of your Child’s Headset with a Sound Limiter

Today’s kids handle mobile devices very easily, you’ll be surprised to see how they can search for their favorite video on the internet, even two-year-olds already know how to use mobile devices without their parents’ help.

Following the lines of parental control it is possible to filter the content to which the children are exposed, but what happens with the control of the volume, many parents do not know all the damage that can cause the ears of their children the high volume.

1. Why is it Important to Control the Volume?

When you hear about hearing loss, it is generally believed that it is related to extremely loud noises, for example that of heavy machinery, a gunshot, or even a pump, but the reality is that there are other noises that can affect the hearing in a silent way.

Something as simple as listening to very loud music, attending concerts with large sound systems, or mowing the lawn without adequate protection are some of the activities that contribute to the slow loss of hearing.

It is important to protect and educate the kids of the danger that runs when using the headphones with the volume cranked to the maximum, this way you avoid damage in the future.

However, this task is not as easy as it seems, when there are several children at home at some point one of them wants to watch his program while the other is making a lot of noise, the perfect solution is to turn up the volume to the maximum and thus not listen to his brother.

The little ones believe that when they turn up the volume to their headphones they can avoid external noises, thanks to the fact that a kind of auditory bubble is created and it really is that way, what they do not know is that this causes serious damage to their ears.

A new regulation of the European Union limits the output level of portable devices to 85 decibels (dB). This figure is the exact limit between a healthy use of headphone and the possibility of hurting the ears, however, many children are using older devices with a higher threshold of 100+ dB, which means they are at risk.

Another problem that arises is that not all parents buy their devices within the European Union, each time the eCommerce becomes more popular and in some cases it is cheaper, which makes trusting the regulation is not a solution.

The best solution to protect the ears of your child is to provide headphones that limit the volume, so you can be calm, even when you are not watching.

2. How do Volume Limiters Work?

The volume limiting devices are built-in resistors to the hearing aid, sometimes it can be found in the phono connector, in the cable, or even inside the headphone, everything will depend on the model and the design.

The resistance is an electrical component that creates resistance in the circuit where it is located, in this way it helps to reduce the flow of the current from the main device to the headphones, consequently the volume will be reduced.

Commercial solutions are not very popular and reduce the volume by 20 to 30 percent, many people are inclined towards home-made models, they are not very difficult to build and can be an excellent pastime.

The volume limiters come in two presentations: the complete headphones and the additional adapters. For the adapters to work they must be inserted between the headphones and the source device, it is a kind of extension.

3. Where can I find Volume Limiting Headphones and Adapters?

There are a lot of models and brands that are sold both offline and online. Amazon is a good place to buy them online. If you are already determined to acquire this type of limiters, now you must evaluate which is the best for your child.

The headphones that block the most efficient external sound are those of closed monitor or in-ear headphones, so your little one will not be forced to want to increase the level of music, choose a good headset without exceeding your budget.

3.1 Headband Headphones

This type of headphones are perfect for the little ones, thanks to its closed design since most of the models are adjustable, they remain on the child’s ear adapting perfectly to the wide variety of heads, besides being foldable you can be used for a long time.

You can get a headset with volume limitation, there is a wide variety of colors, they are quite comfortable and resistant for children of different ages.

Among the innovations that bring to the market some models of headset headphones or as some prefer to call them in the form of helmets is the “SharePort”, this is a hole where you can connect another headset to share what is being heard.

3.2 In-Ear Headphones

When children grow up they prefer to use less flashy headphone, there is a wide variety of in-ear headphones with sound limiter to select, some even connect through Bluetooth. This type of headphone have a kind of earplug that muffles the sound allowing its quality to be very good.

Some models can filter around 30-40 dB of background noise. Thanks to its design, it blocks outside noise so that it is not necessary to increase the volume.

3.3 Headphone Adapters

The most universal of the solutions are the adapters. If the headphone that your child has are of very good quality but do not include the sound limiter, then you can use the headphone adapter with volume limitation.

The adapter is a fairly short extension that will be placed between the connection of the headphones and the source device, you can immediately enjoy the limiter without having to configure anything.

The best thing about this option is that some cables can be obtained for 5 euros, which makes them a very economical option.

The downside of the adapters is that the little ones may not want to use them, so it is important that you explain to the child the consequences of listening to sounds at high frequencies.

4. How are Headphones for Children Different from the Rest?

Maybe you have not noticed yet, but everything your child has been designed specifically for his/her age. Their toys and objects are smaller and have a lot of color.

4.1 The Most Obvious Difference is the Size

Children need their headphone to be small and adjustable so that when they are placed on their heads or on their ears they will not fall off. Although a sound limiter is being added, the experience of the child should not be negative, on the contrary the child should enjoy the sound in a safe and pleasant way.

4.2 Kids Headphone Need to have a Volume Limiter.

What you must understand is that listening to loud music for too long can damage anyone’s hearing without knowing, it could be several years before you realize that your child has difficulty hearing.

Experts have indicated that a child should not be more than one hour exposed to decibels of 85dB, when growing this number increases, allowing an adult to enjoy for 8 hours a day of a sound at 85 dB. The problem occurs when the little ones are given any kind of headphones, some even exceed 85dB.

Most kids safe headphones should have a volume limiter installed, it is important to verify if the headset used by your child has the limiter, is a way to care for them and protect them.

4.3 Kids Headphone Need to be “Resistant”.

Children are able to disarm, break, bite and in a single word destroy thousands of objects with great ease. That is why it is necessary to give them a headset that is designed for them.

It is important to see it as an investment, the headphone for toddlers are resistant that prevents you from having to buy many headphones in a short period of time. The best thing is that there is a wide variety of prices, you should only look for the one that best fits your budget.

4.4 Attractive Colors and Designs.

Our kids deserve the best, that’s why you should choose a design appropriate for them, there are even some with the shape of your favorite character.

You will get many designs and colors designed for the little ones. Take the time to choose the best one.

5. Types of Wireless Headphones

Now is the time to talk about wireless headphones that have been very popular in recent years.

5.1 RF Headphones

These headphones have an improved sound quality and allow you to enjoy the sound without major interruptions, their technology uses simple predisposed channels.

5.2 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Currently this type of headphone are very popular, although the sound quality is a little lower than RF headphones, many users prefer them because their price is cheaper.

One of the disadvantages they present is that your connection can be affected if you find any Bluetooth devices nearby.

5.3 Multi-Channel Headset

This type allows the user to choose, change or modify what they are listening without any interference.

6. Kids and Headphones: What is Safe?

Almost all kids equipment uses headphones, today’s children can not be far from technology, you should only look for the safest way to generate a positive relationship between your activities and your health.

6.1 Loss of Hearing

A study published in the United States has indicated that one in five adolescents has some degree of hearing loss. The results were not able to indicate if the causes have to do with the inadequate use of the volume, however, the report cited an earlier study conducted in Australia that explained that 70 percent of children are at risk of losing their hearing. cause of the high volume in their devices.

Hearing loss can start at an early age. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have determined that the right volume for children can not exceed 60 dB and the maximum duration should be one hour.

6.2 How to Keep Children’s Ears Safe

Some people say it is better to prevent than to regret, following these words you can take some advice to protect the ears of the little ones.

The first thing to do is to find a an appropriate noise isolating headphone with volume limitation that can be used comfortably by the child, verify that it fits perfectly over the ears, test yourself the maximum volume that can be reproduced. The best headphones for the little ones are those in the shape of helmets.

If the device your child uses has some way of adjusting the volume, do not hesitate to use it, always verify that the final sound is optimal and pleasant.

Do not allow your children to spend more than an hour with headphones, this is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks, but it is necessary to establish rules, because the prolonged use can also cause damage.

Talk with your children about the consequences of listening to music at a very high volume and for long periods of time, but do not believe that if you talk to your children and explain how the hearing loss originates they will understand. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons you should teach them.