Adult Headphone vs Headphone for Kids

The headphone market has grown rapidly in the last decade. Remember some years back when getting a nice piece of headphone was a huge task, unless you were a DJ or own a recording studio. Good headphones were just outright expensive. Fast forward to this present day, micro-niche gadget such as baby noise cancelling headphones can be found quite easily but many times we still see kids using headphones meant for adult. If you care completely oblivious to the fact that adult headphones are not safe headphones for kids and should not be used by kids, here is why;

Maximum Volume Threshold:
The maximum noise level any human should be exposed to is 85 decibels. Listening to music above the 85 decibels over a certain period puts the ear at risk of permanent damage. For reasons I personally cannot explain but will research it in later post is why these headphone come with the capacity to produce sound level above 85 decibels. So when you have your kids using your adult headphones he/she might adjust the volume so high it causes hearing loss. Headphones for kids are designed not to produce sound level above 85 decibels hence irrespective of volume level adjustments they will never escape the maximum volume threshold. Even when they use headphones made for kids, we encourage the volume is kept at 60% just to be safe

Size and Durability:
Kid’s headphones are designed for smaller head sizes and the form factor is made to accommodate some extra bashing. I have seen poorly make headphones for kids though but a good headphone for kids is usually smaller, rugged and colorful.

Extra Safety Features:
You might not have noticed this but most headphones for kids come with detachable cables. The design is to prevent strangulation. In the event that a minor is caught up in the wire, the cable will detach itself from the base of the headphone cup. This is very key and a feature you will not find in headphones designed for adult.

In many situations we take things for granted and pass on devices that might harm our kids to them. It is important that we keep in various risks involved in such act and do as much as we can to desist from it.