Kokoon: World First Sleep Sensing Headphones

It’s Monday, head in the coal tar, it would have been better not to fall asleep with his audiophile headphones on your ears. But Kokoon maintains that his headphones are trimmed for the best comfort, in addition to rocking, they improve the quality of sleep.

You wont wake up with a trace of headphones across your face. The story is as old as HiFi, and there are several models in the market offering sleep headphones integrated in a soft headband. This so that the headphones do not slip and not get hurt by compressing the ears.

kokoon sleep sensing headphones

Kokoon, which came into being after a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $2 million, is the result of more ambitious work. Indeed, the transducers are signed Onkyo and aim at a more qualitative listening. Also, the designers wanted to give all the comfort possible to a device.

It keeps the design of a classic headphones. Patented material and exterior design are made to fit the shape of the head, With small holes for ventilation, so that you can fall asleep with anywhere, sitting or lying down. The Kokoon is also equipped with an active anti-noise device making it a noise cancelling headphone too.

Before now, we could not have imagined such a headphone. But the Kokoon goes further. It is equipped with an EEG biosensor, an electroencephalograph , which measures the activity of the brain. The measurements taken allow the device to identify the sleep cycles as well as the music to be played and the ideal time to set the alarm. You might think you’re going to go to the lie detector, but if you do not mind, you can take this analysis through the smartphone control application. The latter also provides a relaxing music library as well as the adjustment of the alarm and other options.

The helmet is pre-order online at a price of $ 230 each or $ 410 a pair for couples.

More information : https://kokoon.io/

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