Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV – Reviews & Detailed Guide

I love watching movies at dawn and also do it with quite high volume, this might probably seem like disturbance to the neighborhood but thanks to good wireless TV headphones. This top rated wireless headphones for TV makes it possible to movie binge completely unnoticed.

I have been able to try a few headphones of this type, in this article I am going to tell you what my impressions are and what I have stayed with.

Before reading on, I will like to clarify a couple of concepts.

Can you Connect any Bluetooth Headphones Model to the TV?

In principle, you can connect any headset to a TV, either Bluetooth or cable. You only need a simple requirement, that your TV has a 3.5 mm Audio Jack or 2 RCA audio inputs. To this day, I have not seen any TV that does not have one of these 2 entries. The day they stop having them, surely they will all have Bluetooth.

Taking into account this premise, you have 3 options.

  1. Connect a wired headset to the input of your TV. It is the most uncomfortable solution, because the normal thing is that the cable of a headphone measures 1.2 meters and surely that your sofa is something further away. Solution: “Use a 3.5mm audio cable extender
  2. Connect a Bluetooth headset to your TV. If your TV does not have Bluetooth, you must buy a 3.5mm/RCA Bluetooth adapter. I recommend this model that costs less than 40 Dollars on Amazon and includes both 3.5 mm output and 2 audio RCA.
  3. Buy a wireless headphones for TV, these headphones are specially designed for this purpose, since they have a base that connects to the TV through a 3.5mm cable or RCA and in turn the base is a charging station the headphones.

Now that you know how to connect a Bluetooth headset to a conventional TV or Smart TV, let’s see which wireless headphones gives the best value for money.

Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV – Top 4 Models

After trying several models of special wireless headphones for TV, I have to say that I prefer the new Sennheiser series, the RS 1 × 5.

That is to say with the RS165, RS175, RS185 and RS195. They are by far the best wireless TV headsets that exist in the current market.

Rest assured that none of the list will disappoint you. I also recommend that you be very careful when choosing devices of this type that are very cheap, since the great majority produces many interferences.

To make sure it does not happen, if you have seen a particular model, you can go to Amazon’s reviews so you can be sure if that model produces interference or not.

These headphones are for any TV brand (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc).

1. Sennheiser RS​​165

Sennheiser RS165 - top rated wireless headphones for TV

The first Sennheiser RS ​​series for TV started with the RS120, which I do not recommend at all because the headphones are connected to the base through an RF channel and you always hear interference, it’s annoying. They are headphones that you can still find in the market at a great price.

On the other hand, the RS165 transmits at 2.4 GHz and the slightest interference does not occur.

The Sennheiser RS​​165 wireless headphones are super comfortable, you can watch a couple of movies in a row that do not bother you at all.

The sound quality is excellent, has a very powerful bass, and even has a button to increase the bass.

His predecessor, the Sennheiser RS ​160 had become quite obsolete.

The wireless headphones come with a pair of rechargeable batteries that you can in the receiver to recharge them, they last about 20 hours.

One of the good things about this range of TV headphones is that you can buy HDR 165 and connect them to the receiver too, which can send the sound to two headphones at the same time.



2. Sennheiser RS​​175

Sennheiser RS175

They are practically the same with the RS165, maybe something more comfortable, I’ve been a few hours watching series and they have not bothered me at all. With other models of other brands, such as Sony for less than 100 Dollars, having them on for more than 2 hours was like a torture, if you spent more than 3 hours with them you had an excruciating pain in the ears.

What makes the RS175 special is the surround sound (it has 2 different modes), I was testing them with the new Resident Evil 7 and the feeling of immersion is brutal. A part also have an optical input, which the RS165 do not have.

For the little difference in price that there is with respect to the RS165 it is worth buying these. In addition, connecting these wireless headphones to your TV will be easier for you.

From the Sennheiser RS Sseries, I prefer the RS175 for its quality / price ratio.

This is the model that I have chosen, although the fault is that apart from watching series on Netflix and movies, I love playing with my gaming PC.



3. Sennheiser RS185

Sennheiser RS185

The following wireless TV headsets from the Sennheiser RS ​​range are the RS185.

It makes a big jump with respect to the RS175 in price as well as in quality and materials. Starting with the pads that are made of a foam covered by super soft velvet and incredibly comfortable, much more than the leatherette of the RS 165 and the 175.

Without being a sound expert, these wireless Smart TV headphones have enchanted me, it is a very “balanced” sound, it is something that Sennheiser loves and is a house brand. Its sound specially designed for movies so you do not miss the slightest tremor, you can even clearly appreciate the sound of the fire, and the voices are super clear.

They also have the optical input. If you love movies and do not mind spending a little bit more on a TV headphones, this is your best option.



4. Sennheiser RS​​195

Sennheiser RS​​195

These TV headphones have been designed by Sennheiser and the Fraunhofer Institute, they are headphones designed for people with hearing problems. You can fully customize the sound according to the hearing difficulty you suffer.

For this reason these headphones are within this ranking, surely if you have a hearing problem these headphones are the best option.


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Is it Worth Buying Wireless Headphones for TV?

Sincerely, it depends on the use you intend it for. If you love movies and series, I recommend you buy one of these models. In addition to your love for cinema experience at home with some love for music and you also want some headphones to go out and connect them to your smartphone you have to keep in mind that these headphones will not work with smartphones.

Other interesting headphones that do not come in this article are the LG G5 headphones.

There are Bluetooth headphones, if you need the headphones also to listen to music outside the home, I recommend buying a Bose QuietComfort 35 and a Bluetooth adapter to Jack 3.5mm.

Which wireless headphones for TV do you use? Tell us in the comments.