Best Headphones with Microphone for Skype – Top 3 Product Reviews

Practicality, good price, comfort and audio quality: these are our recommendations when looking for the best headphones with microphone for Skype.

If your line of work requires you make constant video calls through Skype, Lync or other VoIP alternatives and you want your callers to hear you clearly, but you also want to listen to music while doing your activities, then you should consider buying headsets or headphones for video calls..

Key Characteristics of Best Headphones with Microphone for Skype

Headphones with microphones made to make video calls are connected to your computer through a USB connection/port, because unlike the audio jack where you would connect a normal headphones, the USB port gives the headset the power it needs to work with options such as elimination of external noises, and mainly, to offer the best audio quality in video calls.

Good Microphone

You look for a headset with microphone so that your customers, friends or acquaintances on Skype hear you clearly even if there are many noises in your office or home, so the most important thing to look for is a headset that has a good microphone with ambient sound cancellation.


If your days require you to spend long hours sitting in front of the computer making video calls, having a comfortable headset is crucial. Most of this type of headphones are of supra-aural design, which means that they rest on your ears without completely enclosing them. In this way, you should choose a model that has absolutely comfortable pads.

Good Audio

While it is true that you do many video calls, you also want to listen to music to make the day more enjoyable or, if possible, connect your headset to your phone to use it as normal hearing aids. Your headphones should have decent audio quality to offer you this.


The possibility of using voice commands, of being able to mute the microphone at will or of being able to connect the headphones to other devices, such as cell phones, are characteristics that add value and practicality to a VoIP headset.


There are headphones with a microphone for PC at very low prices, but they leave much to be desired in the quality of the call they offer. While it is important to consider your budget before going to the store or order your VoIP headset, also take into account that a good headset will cost between 40 and 100 dollars , although there are more expensive models and more features according to your needs and pocket.

In short: Look for a headset for video calls that have a good microphone, sound good, comfortable and have practical functions without having an exorbitant price.

Recommended Headphones for Skype Call

The Logitech USB H650e - Best Headphones with Microphone for Skype

The Logitech USB H650e is one of the best headphones to call by Skype or the web service of your choice. Its boom microphone offers excellent voice quality and incorporates external noise elimination technology. It sells for around $90 check latest price here on Amazon.


LifeChat LX-6000

Microsoft, with its LifeChat LX-6000, also offers good headphones with a long thin microphone that captures the sounds optimally and is certified for professional use in Skype and Lync. Its price, around $40 check latest price here on Amazon, makes them a very accessible VoIP headset.

Plantronics Blackwire C700

The Plantronics Blackwire C700 is a more expensive headset, but also one of the best headphones. They can be connected to the computer via USB and to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so they can be used as a working headset and as hands-free for the phone. They also have good audio quality to listen to music. They sell for about $ 120 check latest price here on Amazon.


Jawbone ERA

The Jawbone ERA, which we also consider in our hands-free purchase guide, are an option if you’re looking for a wireless headset with mono sound. This means that they have only one speaker and they are placed in one ear, so you can attend to conversations in person with each other.

The Jawbone headset allows you to connect to both the computer and the smartphone, so you can use it to answer video calls on Skype and to talk on the phone. It also has an application to control it by iOS or Android. Its price is around $66 check latest price here on Amazon.