The 10 Best Headphones Under $50 – 2019 Comprehensive Reviews

Not everyone wants to dish out a solid two hundred dollars or more on a pair of headphones.

Sometimes, good things with good features do come cheap. Headphones are the in-thing these days. They give your music and calls a well balanced sound, bass feel and clarity, especially those ones with wireless functionality.

Though they might need to be battery-powered to work, they are still a sure bet over in-ear phones.

Finding a good and durable pair of headphones under $50 can be quite a chore. Definitely, there is no guarantee  it will come with Active Noise Cancellation feature. They just passively isolate noise, depending on the size of the ear housing. This and many more are the factors to consider when choosing the right sound companion.

Best Headphones for Under $50 Dollars in 2019

Below is a list of the 10 best headphones under 50 Dollars that we’ve tested and reviewed, and it will give you a clear picture of each of the set’s features, to know which one suits you best.

MPOW 059YesYes12 Hours CHECK PRICE
Bluedio T2SYesYes40 Hours CHECK PRICE
Koss Porta ProYesYes20 Hours CHECK PRICE
AvantreeYes + NFCYes40 Hours CHECK PRICE
MEE Audio WaveYesYes25 Hours CHECK PRICE
August EP650Yes + NFCYes10 Hours CHECK PRICE
Bluedio T3YesYes40 Hours CHECK PRICE
Skullcandy Hesh 2NoYes15 Hours CHECK PRICE
Monoprice 108323NoYes18 Hours CHECK PRICE


1. MPOW 059

MPOW 059 - best headphones under 50

The Mpow 059 headphones are nice-sounding wireless audio gadgets that also come with a wired functionality, basically for systems that don’t easily pair over Bluetooth. This is about the best over-ear headphones below 50 dollars you will get.

They are very fairly priced and a great up-grade from in-ear phones.

It comes with a good Bluetooth system that has a connection distance of ten meters. Getting the Bluetooth to pair with other devices is quite easy and not stressful.

The wired mode is set up using the 3.5mm cable that can be connected to the headset and another device. Using the wired function has no effect on the quality of the sound, but then again, just like any ordinary wired in-ear phone, the controls on the headphone will quit functioning and you have to control the music from the other device. Even the mic will stop working, having just a little difference in bass levels, but nothing else.

Most people actually think every headphone out there has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function, which cancels out all ambient noise with an alternate sound, but not all headphones can do that. This one has (Passive Noise Cancellation) PNC. These headphones just block out noise because they are over your ears like muffs or ear plugs, not really because of any digital function.

The design is very nice and attractive. It was specifically designed to comfortably fit the ear and not sit smack on top of them. The head band and the outer part of the cups are made of flexible plastic, while the ear lips and middle of the headband are cushioned with soft leather, that’s known to be the best for stuff that’s going to be used all the time.

The headphone controls and micro USB port are lined neatly on the right headphone, and you just have to master what each one does. There’s the pause/play, forward/back, volume, phone call and power/Bluetooth buttons. There’s the port for connecting the audio cable on the left side of the headphones.

It has a 12 hours use time on battery, after being fully charged for four hours. It’s charged using the micro USB charging cable supplied on purchase. The battery current capacity is 420mAh. The headphones weigh 0.55 pounds and are relatively lightweight.

To pack them away, just fold in the ear compartment and lay them flat. Over-all, the performance is quite good with a nice audio delivery.

  • Sound is great
  • Wireless and wired functionality
  • Good Bluetooth
  • Battery lasts long
  • Leaks sound on volume change
  • Noise control not great
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2. Bluedio T2S


The Bluedio T2S has a really good sound delivery, great-looking headphone set that functions over Bluetooth, with a highly advanced digital mic for better sound output, and battery lasts long.

It has the latest Bluetooth technology, whose connection distance spans a ten-meters range. Pairing rarely ever has connection issues.

It also has a wired functionality for you to plug it into your devices if you choose. The set comes with the standard 3.5mm jack cable for end-to-end connection with your devices. This set has ultra-large speaker drivers, 57mm in diameter, and that gives your sound a great bass presence. With this set, the wired and wireless modes are quite the same, except for a few shakes when volume is adjusted. The buttons for control cease function in the wired mode.

These headphones are very popular for their unbelievable battery power. These headphones, after a full 6 hour charge, can deliver over 40 solid hours of playback and call talk. Just amazing. All Bluedio devices are popular for this feature, and the T2s aren’t an exception.

The design gives it a very sophisticated look for an under $50 product. It comes in three main colours though: red, blue and black with a dash of steel. It’s basically made of durable plastic, while the cups and head band are cushioned with soft foam bound in premium leather. The speaker holes are round in shape and the headband is adjustable to size.

The headphone controls and its micro USB port for charging are lined in order along the right ear. The play/pause, track change, power button, which when long-pressed turns on Bluetooth pairing, and the volume control buttons in that order. You can plug in your audio cable in ta port on the left cup.

They are very comfortable to wear due to their very light weight of 0.224 pounds, which also adds to the portability. It fold inwards when swiveled on their hinges, so they can fit right into a small space.

They come with a one year warranty, a cable for USB charging, and produce high quality good sound.

  • Very long battery span
  • Crisp audio
  • Great design
  • Light weight
  • Wireless and wired functionality
  • Low noise control
  • Ear pad not so comfy on large ears
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3. Koss Porta Pro Headphones

Koss Porta Pro Black On Ear Headphones

The Koss Porta Pro headphones are the cool-sounding, advanced headphones, that are actually one of the most macho-looking sets in our under $50 series right now.

It has a wireless functionality over Bluetooth, and is compatible with basically all your devices. The connection distance takes a break at 33 feet.

This headphone also has wired functionality, as it comes with a 3.5 mm jack audio cable, and retains great audio levels in both modes.

It features a high bass feel in sound, despite the small size. The headphones passively control noise, which isn’t much, but then again the speaker power is really great and the sound produced is rich, deep and just right.

The outer design of the set is quite sophisticated, only that it’s incredibly small. The colour is always dominantly black with accents of gold, blue, white, or steel. The headband is made of stainless steel and is not foam-cushioned, which is a minus for people rocking bald heads.

The headband is also adjustable to head size. When the two black pads on the steel are shifted apart, the ear cups come together, or you can watch the blue knob on the hinges, it shifts backward as the cups are pushed together slowly. These blue knobs are used to adjust the pressure on your ear.

To pack them away, just swivel the ear lids inwards and they’ll fold up. The ear housing have no speaker holes, and they are foam cushioned all round for maximum comfort, which they truly provide.

The headphone control buttons are on the right, like most others. The pause/play, power/Bluetooth pairing, volume up and down, and track change buttons.

These headphones are quite the irony. One wouldn’t think so much of the quality of sound because of the size and the basic weightlessness, because they are really light, but they have one of the deepest bass presences I’ve ever heard in an under 50.

Your music will come out without any excessive virtualization effect, both in wireless and wired modes. The only glitch is ambient noise getting through if you mostly stay in a noisy area.

It has a impressive battery power of 20 hours after each full three hour charge, using the USB cable supplied through the micro USB port along the right ear. The headphones also come with a KOSS customized black carrying case or bag, which is really cool to have. The headphones are comfortable and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Rich and crisp sound
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comfortable and pressure-adjustable
  • Last long on battery
  • Wired and wireless functionality
  • Awesome design
  • Way too small over the ears
  • Noise control not so good
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4. Avantree Wireless/Wired Headphones

Avantree 40HR Over Ear Headphones

The Avantree headphones are highly modernized, feature-packed headphones with wireless and wired functionality, that produce very clear sound over a 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency range.

It can be used wirelessly over a very strong Bluetooth with the Near Field Communication feature (NFC), with a coverage range of 10 meters.

Pairing and connecting are just one-touch actions. This headphone also features a multi-point connection function, where it can actually connect to two devices at the same time. That’s a rare and much-loved one.

The headphones also feature a wired function where you can connect to your devices using a 3.5mm headphone jack cable.

It’s designed with 40mm speaker drivers, which increase the bass feel in the music. This set also comes with a hi-fi (high-fidelity) boom box feature over the aptX codec, which makes it really suitable for watching movies on your devices because there’s definitely no sound and mouth-movement discord. That lag is non-existent with these great headphones.

They are one of the most convenient sets for hands-free calls over Bluetooth. There’s barely any cracking noise to be heard, except in a bad network connection. When you connect these headphones to very smartphones and advanced tabs, you’ll need to activate the voice command feature. That way, you can vocally control your music without having to touch any buttons.

The design of this model is a very mature one. It’s dominantly black in colour with lines of red. The materials used in production of these headphones are light plastic and thin steel, so you won’t even know you have anything on your head. The head band are thickly cushioned and bound on the surface with high-grade leather that’s actually sweat-resistant.

The head band is highly adjustable to size and is connected to the back of the ear pads with thin steel, which make it easy for the cups to swivel inwards when you want to put the set away. The speaker holes on the cups are quite large and can suit just any ear.

The controls for wireless mode and the micro USB are lined along the right cup, with the charging along the left cup.

As the name implies, it has as enviable power capacity of 40 hours on battery after each full six-hour charge. So you can tour the globe without worrying about plug time. It also comes with a USB charging cable on supply.

These headphones are really great sounding and worth the buy.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Sounds great
  • Multi-point Bluetooth connection with NFC feature
  • HI-FI boom box
  • Voice command function
  • Wireless and wired functionality
  • Great design
  • Noise control not impressive
  • Sound quality drops over a lower volume setting
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5. MEE Audio Wave Wireless Headphones

Mee Audio Bluetooth On Ear Headphones

If you need very techy, modern and easy to use headphones that give out really great sound, then the MEE Audio Wave headphones are for you.

These headphones are crisp-sounding sets that have wireless and wired functionality for you to choose from.

This set features the Bluetooth 4.0 version and can connect to two devices at the same time, using the multi-point connection feature, with a coverage distance of approximately 30 feet. Reception of calls on your phone over Bluetooth is also easy to connect, with clear sound as well.

It also has the standard 3.5mm jack cable for wired connection, and this doesn’t have any effect on the sound, which is quite an impressive feat for an under 50.

It has a very sophisticated outer design and is made of very light weight plastic, with the head band and cups thickly cushioned with ultra-soft foam and coated with leather. The head band can also be adjusted to seven different comfort levels, so it can fit everyone perfectly well.

The ear enclosure can be folded into a compact form with one swift inward swivel, and you can pack the set into the customized carrying pouch it comes with.

It comes with a built-in digital microphone and speaker drivers of diameter 50mm. So it’s no wonder why the sound produced is rich in bass and is properly equalized. These headphones do really well when connected to phone for calls..

Most headphones start messing up over calls, but not this one. There’s really no voice replay when your pal is talking on the other line.

The controls of this headphone set, pause/play, track change, power/pair, hands-free and volume change buttons are all lined along the right ear cup, along with the micro USB port for charging. The wire port for audio is on the left ear cup.

You can listen to about 25 hours over music and 28 over calls on its battery. It also has a fast charging action feature, so a full charge takes just 2 hours. There’s a charging cable supplied in the purchase box. These headphones have a wonderful sound, and come with a one year warranty.

  • Multipoint Bluetooth connection
  • Great design
  • Wireless and wired functionality
  • Great battery life
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Fast charge action
  • Very light weight
  • Poor ambient sound control
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6. August EP650 Wireless Headphones

August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones

The August EP650 headphones are the best headphones so far in the August series. These headphones have an amazing sound ability with a very durable design and great features.

It has both wireless and wired functionalities, connecting wirelessly with Near Field Communication technology over a Bluetooth. NFC uses fast-acting magnetic field forces to connect two electronic devices over a wireless network. The coverage range of the Bluetooth is 32 feet.

The quality of sound over the wireless connection is actually a notch crispier than that of the wired connection. The bass feel is just a bit deeper, if you have a very discerning ear.

It’s also the same when used for calls, where the voice of the other person is heard clear and well cut. The wired mode is activated by connecting the 3.5mm male-ends headphone cable to both devices.

It has speaker drivers with a diameter of 50mm each, which is impressively good, and adds to the great quality of sound this set produces. It also has an aptX feature for viewing movies and stuff on the TV, so there’s no discordant lag in mouth movement ad sound.

The battery capacity of the set is not so great, living out 10 hours of music play after each full charge, which is quite poor compared to other high-ranking headphones. A full charge takes approximately three hours, and 10 hours of playback from the li-ion battery isn’t so impressive.

The outer design of this headphone is quite cute. It comes in an array of colours; black with accents of red, gold with accents of black and steel with accents of black as well. It has a square shape rounded at the edges, which gives it a uniquely different look from others, which are mostly circular.

It’s made of very durable light weight plastic, with the ear enclosure and adjustable headband softly cushioned with durable leather. It’s flexible and fold-able, and the ear compartment can just be turned on their hinges to pack up.

They come with a built-in digital mic and an integrated control panel for music change, pause and play, volume down, volume up, power, Bluetooth and call switch.

These headphones are not so light weight at 1.1 pounds going over your head, but they are very comfortable, even though large-eared people may encounter some discomfort. They come with an 18 months warranty.

  • Bluetooth functionality with NFC feature
  • Awesome sound
  • Great design
  • aptX technology available
  • Integrated control panel
  • Wired functionality
  • Not so light weight
  • Not comfortable for large-eared people
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7. Bluedio T3

BLUEDIO T3 Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluedio T3 headphones are the well-improved version of the T2 headphones in the Bluedio series.

They have the same popular feature of a 57mm driver unit, only that the T3s have exceptional sound and a cooler design.

I personally like to call these T3s mini speakers. The sound grade is so deep and rich and that’s basically the impressive speakers at work. This set has ultra-large speakers with a diameter of 57mm, which gives it a great bass presence.

Over telephone, the sound drifts much better than it does with the T2s. It also has a built-in digital mic that transmits clearly over Bluetooth.

It has both wireless and wired functionalities, with the wireless mode going over EDR Bluetooth. Long pressing the power button activates the Bluetooth pairing, which is very easy and delay-free to connect to virtually all your devices.

If you choose not to use the Bluetooth, or for some reason you encounter an issue, you have the option of using the wired mode with the 3.5mm headphone jack, for the same quality of sound.

It has a sophisticated outer design, always being dominantly black in colour with silver or gold accents, though you can also find ones with dominant red or silver. They are made of premium plastic materials, with the headband thickly cushioned with soft, durable soft leather over memory foam, and the hinges are made of stainless steel.

These headphones come with two-step heavy duty hinges that you have to pull apart to bring the ears closer. These headphones are not exactly so portable because they can’t be swiveled into a more compact form, but they do come with a customized case with a draw-string. The ear holes are quite small, and the head band adjustments aren’t all that much.

It has a micro USB charging port on the right and after each full six hour charge, this set can amazingly last 40 hours, just like the T2s, which is a really nice feature. A micro USB cable is supplied with the purchase.

The controls of the set are on the right, with the volume up and volume down buttons, doubling as track change buttons when long pressed, which could get really confusing. The Bluedio T3 also features 3D sound settings, so you don’t have to go with ordinary sound when watching a movie in 3D.

You can also play your music with the 3D effects. The quality is also as good as that of the normal mode. The headphones weigh 0.88 pounds and come with a one year warranty.

  • Great audio quality
  • Wireless and wired functionalities
  • Heavy duty speakers and mic
  • Batteries are great
  • 3D sound settings
  • Awesome design
  • Slightly heavyweight
  • Noise control is not excellent
  • They are not so portable
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8. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones with Mic

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones

The Skullcandy Hesh 2 is a very comfortable, well-designed headphone set with a great bass production, but with only a wired functionality.

It can’t connect over a Bluetooth network with your other devices, but they come with an extractable 3.5mm jack cable for a wired connection.

The wireless functionality is mostly just for distance convenience. You just have to sit a little closer to the TV with this set because the cable is quite lengthy.

The qualitative sound from this set with a diameter of 50mm for the speaker drivers, is just incredible. It features a special Supreme Sound technology that smooth out every genre of sound produced, giving it a truly supreme feel in your ears.

The headphones have quite a good PNC, because of the large well-cushioned ear cups, so you feel isolated from outer noise, but not completely.

The design is a very simple one. It’s very comfortable though it lacks a couple of adjustment features. It’s actually made with thick, strong and flexible plastic, so the headband can stretch and contract without any stress. This isn’t such a good feature for people with large heads because it will sit too tight. It comes in an array of so many colours to pick from.

The ear cups and headband are thickly cushioned with low-resilience foam and leather, which are quite soft and comfortable. The materials used to design this set do give it quite a bit of heavy weight, as it weighs 1.01 pounds.

It has an averagely impressive battery time of 15 hours after a full 3 hour charge. The controls are lined along the right ear cup, though it has an integrated control panel and dedicated button for switching to calls. With a powerful digital built-in mic, hands-free telephony are well-enjoyed with this set.

The micro USB port for charging is on the right cup, and the audio cable port is on the left.

These headphones produce awesome sound with incredible bass power and they come with a one year warranty.

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Incredible bass fee
  • Supreme Sound feature
  • Flexible headband
  • Good latent Noise Control
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Can be uncomfortable for people with larger heads
  • No wireless functionality
  • Relatively heavy weight
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9. Monoprice 108323 DJ Style Headphones

Monoprice 108323 Hifi Headphones

The Monoprice 108323 is pretty much the best headphone sets under 50 right now for DJs.

These heavy duty mini-speakers with a wired functionality are designed to give any DJ just the best quality of sound they require.

It has no wireless connectivity to devices, but that’s because they are specially designed for DJ work and are mostly connected to loud speakers and advanced systems.

They come with a standard 3.5mm jack headphone cable that is 12 feet long and is extractable.

The sound delivery is unarguably amazing. The headphone has 50mm speaker drivers with High-Fidelity stereo technology, so anyone who puts these things over their head is going to be hit with a powerful bass boom, notwithstanding how low or high the volume is.

The sound is very clear and deep, and because the headphone cups are so large, the Passive Noise Control is sure-fire.

The design is suitable for long periods of use. It’s dominantly made of thick, heavy duty premium plastic, with the ear cups connected to the head band by a U-shaped hinge. The ear cups and headband are so thickly cushioned and leather-bound, it almost feels like a Pro noise-cancelling set.

It has a one-button control on the right ear cup for manipulating the music and the cups can swivel through half a plane at any time. The USB port for charging is on the right ear cup and the audio port is on the left.

It can last a maximum of 18 hours after each full three hour charge. It also comes with a draw-string travel case, a USB cable, an extractable audio cable, awesome sound, and a two-year limited warranty.

  • Made specifically for DJ work
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Lengthy detachable cable
  • Incredible bass boom
  • Great audio
  • Battery lifetime is good
  • Hi-Fi stereo technology
  • Great noise isolation
  • No wireless functionality
  • Quite heavy
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10. MPOW Thor

MPOW Thor Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow Thor headphones are a great-sounding set from the Mpow series that have very sharp Bluetooth connectivity and a very portable design.

It has a dual connectivity technology with a wired and wireless functionality. It connects wirelessly over a Bluetooth 4.0 version with improved profile compatibility. This means that it can easily connect to virtually all your devices once you set it up.

It has a coverage distance of 33 feet and about 8 feet through a solid blocking. If you want to switch to the wired mode, you can use the standard 3.5mm jack headphone cable supplied with the purchase.

The sound quality of these headphones is incredible due to the High-Fidelity stereo technology and 40mm speaker drivers it features. It’s a total improvement in the Mpow series. The bass presence and sound clarity are embracing and the large ear cups bring in an impressive level of noise isolation.

The highs in sound don’t have a cracking or a leak in quality, over both the wired and wireless modes. The sound is also crisp and clear over telephone calls, especially through the Bluetooth function.

The design is very impressive. It’s made of high-grade lightweight plastic, with steel hinges two inches from the ear cups, making it nicely foldable into a more compact form. The ear cups and headband are thickly cushioned with ultra-soft low-resilience foam and topped off with cooling protein leather.

The headphones are highly adjustable to size and quite comfortable. They also come with a customized carrying bag.

It has an averagely impressive battery throughput of 15 hours after each 3-hour full charge. It lasts a bit less when used continuously over Bluetooth, and a bit more when used for just for calls.

The headphone controls are on-ear and are lined along the right ear cup, along with the micro USB charging port. The charging cable is also supplied with purchase. The audio cable port is along the left ear cup.

These headphones feature an improved sound quality, great connectivity and they come with an 18-month warranty.

  • Improved wireless connectivity
  • Wired functionality
  • Awesome Hi-Fidelity stereo sound
  • Good noise isolation
  • Great design
  • Highly foldable and portable
  • Light weight
  • Battery strength is not so impressive
  • Speaker holes could be wider.
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Wrapping Up

The headphones above are a narrow-down of all the numerous under $50s out there. They are each going to have something about them, because none is 100% perfect. It can only be perfect for you and your particular specs.

The pros and cons lists are there to give information on a glance. You probably should match any headphones you consider to a lot of factors and see if they fit.

  • Ensure it has an outstanding battery life if you’ll use it for prolonged periods
  • Get one with a great hands-free call functionality if it’s going be in your car all the time
  • Consider the weight that won’t stress you
  • Get one with large ear cups and great PNC if you’ll be mostly using it in a noisy environment
  • Get one with a foldable design if it’s going to be carried around all the time
  • Consider the ones with the better sound systems and technology

These tips and the list above will definitely help you make a good purchase of a headphone set, without having to spend an outrageous amount.